Photo by Tim Clancy (@skinnypilgrim)

At the atxGALS Art Show 9.30.2017

At the atxGALS Art Show 9.30.2017

atxGALS Art Show at South Congress Hotel Spring 2018.

atxGALS Art Show at South Congress Hotel Spring 2018.


Brooke Robinson is known for her curation of the largely popular lettering resource, Goodtype, founded in 2013. What most people don’t know is that Brooke began her art career at a young age, influenced by her mother’s beautiful oils on canvas. She created a lot of mixed media collages on heavyweight paper, integrating acrylics, typography and found imagery.

Eventually, Brooke’s art career paused to make way for a more disciplined and stable graphic design job, post graduation, at a large Texas clothing retailer called TYLER’S. Where she also learned how to produce and manage the marketing and social media which played a large role in leading her where she is today with Goodtype.

She now runs Goodtype full-time in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Brooke, has since then, warmly invited her more playful and artistic side back to the stage.

Brooke was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University in 2007.

"My work always begins with a premeditated color palette- oftentimes bold and bright. It can find itself living in both the minimalism and pop art genres- lending itself to singular, iconic imagery with clean lines and bold shapes. On the contrary, it can also play with not-so-clean, fine, rugged textures driven by my choice of coarse brushes and messy paper canvases. I want my art to feel very human, real and authentic. I strive for imagery you can’t forget. I want it to stick with you and elicit a feeling of creative inspiration."




IG: @brookethesunsurfer
IG: @goodtype